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A New Year and a New Approach to Supervision

Unfortunately, Clinical Supervision is often the first casualty of a busy workplace but as we all know it is crucial given the work we undertake. In 2018, @AOD Recruit will be providing Professional Clinical Supervisors who will be available on a regular basis for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Service Providers to hire for their staff for 1:1 and Group Supervision.

We have all been guilty of rescheduling supervision when we are under the pump and most of us have also been guilty of trying to get out of getting supervision when we are flat out. By introducing the option of external, independent Clinical Supervision we will not only be prioritising supervision but we will also demonstrate a commitment to staff in regards to their worth and the value and importance of consistent Clinical Supervision. If you are interested in getting Clinical (external) Supervision for your staff in 2018 or if you are interested and qualified in providing Clinical Supervision please give us a call on 0419 565 567 or email us at

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