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Graduates-let's help them to get the experience they want and we need.........

So we all know that there is a shortage of experienced Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) professionals in our sector, but we also know that there are lots of Graduates who are qualified, passionate, enthusiastic but lacking in experience. So how do WE help THEM to help US (AOD Service Providers) to get the experience they need to be able to support our clients.

We have all been in their shoes and understand how hard it is to get your first break.

It's also difficult to take on inexperienced staff and mentor them and provide the level of supervision required when our AOD services are so busy and understaffed and our clients are so complex however theses guys are the future of our sector and as such they need us to get them the experience they want and we need. At the start of 2018 @AOD Recruit will be introducing a mentoring service for Graduates that will not only assist them to get a foot in the door and some much needed experience but it will also take the burden off AOD Service providers trying to juggle multiple programs and contractual obligations. Contact us for more information on 0419 565 567 or

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