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 Get Hired 
Get Hired
AOD Professionals @ AOD Recruit we want to help you
Get Hired. 

No matter what stage of your AOD career you are at @AOD Recruit we are here to help you.


You may be in a role you have enjoyed but are now wanting a change or You may be in need of a new challenge. Easier said than done when you are time poor and overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing to  look for new career opportunities.

 You may want to work less hours for a variety of reasons such as parental duties, study or a more flexible lifestyle but you have had difficulty getting the casual hours that suit you. Or You may want to make some extra cash by doing a few extra hours.


You may just want the opportunity to checkout  a variety of roles in a variety of AOD agencies whilst you contemplate what you want to do next.

You may have been out of the AOD Sector for some time and just need some mentoring and support to get back into it. 

You may have  completed a certificate IV  in Alcohol and other Drugs or a Diploma in Community Services and you are ready to get started but find it hard to get work in the AOD sector because you don't have experience.

@AOD Recruit we want to explore the opportunities in the AOD Sector with all of You and on behalf of You.


So let us know what it is  You are looking for and let us help  You find it.

@AOD Recruit there is no registration fee and we absolutely respect your privacy so please be assured that any enquiries will remain confidential.

Whether you are looking for casual, part time or  full time employment  the best opportunities will be yours when you Get Prepared and Get Informed. 

@AOD Recruit we have provided a Get Prepared list and some vital information that will help you Get Informed however you don't need to be prepared or informed before giving us a call to discuss your unique situation and what it is you are looking for.


....I have worked with Annie for three years in the drug and alcohol sector, in various roles, including team leader positions. A month ago, Annie approached me about an AOD government position that she felt matched my experience and expertise perfectly. While I was dubious about whether I was suitable, Annie was confident I had the qualities they were looking for and that I would be of great benefit to their team. Encouraged by Annie, I applied, interviewed for and got the job! I start in a month. I can genuinely say I would not have applied for this position, which has significantly enhanced my career, without the support of Annie and her skill in acknowledging others potential.... A D

We can't wait to hear from you!
Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
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