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@ AOD Recruit we understand the daily staffing challenges being experienced by the AOD Sector Statewide. We know the AOD workforce is often stretched and that in recent times some very experienced staff have exited the sector as a result of the recommisioning of AOD services. 


We also know that it is an exciting and personally and professionally satisfying sector to work in and one that we are passionate about. 

So we want to help AOD Service Providers to Get Staffed and we want to help 'YOU' Get Hired.

Annie Trainor

By 'YOU' l mean experienced, qualified passionate AOD staff who want the freedom and flexibility of casual employment and or those seeking a fabulous part time or full time position.

By 'YOU' l also mean staff who have left the AOD Sector and who feel like they need some mentoring and support to get back into it &.....

By 'YOU' l mean those who are new to the AOD sector straight from study needing support to navigate their careers.

We believe the opportunities in our sector are boundless and we would like to invite 'YOU' to help us explore how we can all make the most of them.

Todays technology provides us with the resources to mobilise our staff and share the expertise and passion across the sector so Lets Get Staffed and Get Hired Together.

As for 'ME' l have worked in the AOD Sector for over 30 years in a variety of roles from direct client work to Senior Management and l still consider it a privilege to be part of a workforce that can positively impact the lives of hundreds of clients on a daily basis.  


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